Dear parents and guardians,

if you have registered your child for the after school club (OGS) and have a valid OGS contract, your child is entitled to attend the school’s OGS holiday club, which runs for 6 weeks over the course of the school year.


  1. If you have concluded an OGS contract with an independent provider, your school’s childcare hours apply. You can register your child directly at the school.


  1. If you have concluded a childcare contract with Stadt Münster (Münster City Council), holiday club dates are as follows:


The first two weeks of the Easter holidays               (April 3–6 and 11–14, 2023)

The first three weeks of the summer holidays         (June 26 – July 14, 2023)

You can register for the 2023 Easter and summer holidays from January 2–15, 2023 on the online platform for municipal OGS services using the following link:

The first week of the autumn holidays                    (October 2 and 4–6, 2023)

You can register for the 2023 autumn holidays from May 22 – June 4, 2023 using the above link.

If your child has special childcare needs, please contact the OGS coordinator or school social worker.

If you have any general questions on OGS holiday clubs, please contact the OGS service by email:





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